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The world is turning

The world is turning and minutes are spending,
The silence hand over to music,
Day and night get on well
Moon give way to Sun,
His friend and accomplice forever,
As I am for you, my beloved,
To blow away in petals incessantly
Sign my heart is not made of metal.

The world is turning and minutes are spending,
But you give meaning to time, to space.
Tirelessly my love is growing
Like his heart, he is also spreading.

In the caresses and in our pleasure
The breeding ground grows our wish
This golden thread spins our nest,
Which makes so clear our harmony,
Our passion is metamorphosis
Of two souls forever united,
In a continuous, infinite ballet,
Turning like the stars and the sky,
Lightening our lives with essential.

Wealth in our hearts, the eternity,
But also and especially our unity.
You will live in the shade of my wings
You, my only eternal passion.

Poem written by Michel Hilger
Opus 164