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My 12 pieces of advice for a successful recovery

Here are Michel Hilger's 12 general pieces of advice for a successful rehabilitation after a stroke:

  1. Convince yourself nothing is inescapable.
  2. Don’t lock in sickness and in a passive attitude.
  3. Fight for people who are important for you, for people you love.
  4. Convince yourself thanks to will your brain remains malleable to create circuits and replace the broken ones.
  5. Getting back to his daily life, his habits (domestic, spiritual or more specialized) as fast as possible.
  6. Be methodical repetitive and imagine new means to move forwards.
  7. Never give up. Enjoy each progress and keep it in mind to realize and find the force to overcome a new step.
  8. Motivate your physical therapy with an important goal, a logical goal which is linked to your previous activity, helping to realize yourself.
  9. Start your rebirth with simple aims.
  10. Use your valid parts of body and them become true supports. Focus before every attempt.
  11. Begin a new discipline to go beyond the negative comparisons.
  12. Don’t neglect any therapeutic lead (realistic or mystical) and beware of impostors.