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Gilbert Bordes, co-author of the book "Death will wait"

The book "Death will wait" is an autobiographical noval written by Michel Hilger with the help of his friend Gilbert Bordes.

Gilbert Bordes is a prolific novelist born in 1948 in Correze, a rural region at the south-west center of France. He has already written nearly 50 novels. He is not only a writer since he also works as a luthier and makes violins, cellos and violas and other stringed instruments. He is also fond of fishing and gardening. He began his career as a school teacher. He has been editor-in-chief of the French monthly magazine "La pêche et les poissons" (Fishing and fishes).

The themes in his novels are numerous with inspiration from History and/or his Correzian roots. He has founded with other fellow novelists the literary movements : the "Ecole de Brive" (School of Brive) and the "Nouvelle Ecole de Brive" (New School of Brive). Brive-la-Gaillarde is one of the main towns of the Correze region (the other one being Tulle which is the political capital of the region).

Unfortunately his novels have not been translated yet in English... however a translation of «La mort attendra» («Death will wait») is on the way!