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Extracts from the book "Death will wait"

Here are some extracts from the chapters of the book "Death will wait" written by Michel Hilger and Gilbert Bordes (Belfond publishing):

  1. Like a Concerto
  2. Between Heaven and the Bright Blue Sea
  3. Twists and Turns of Life
  4. Like a Land Without Water
  5. By a Very Cold Weather
  6. Esperado
  7. Fire in the Heart
  8. Knowing How to Turn the Page
  9. Building on Ashes
  10. Living my Life
  11. As a Winner
  12. Our Prose
  13. With Delectation
  14. The Dove Does not Roar
  15. Golden Eagle
  16. The Tenderness
  17. Metamorphosis
  18. Strolling and Holding on
  19. A Symbiosis
  20. Like Mérimée
  21. At the Highest
  22. The World is Turning
  23. A New World
  24. All my Life and Everlasting