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A man with a childhood and a tortuous journey,
You have so troubles to leave your teddy bears.
Too heavy memories poisoning my life,
Slagged, my opinion was ignored.

Like with the ball you play tennis with,
People don’t care about the whinnying souls.
Sick nightingale, painful songs,
I’m comforting close to you, more in love.

However, we need to seize the present,
Don’t look behind to these damaged people
Need is huge to understand everything.
How impelling is building on ashes!

My first night at home went well. I managed to sleep for four or five hours along. Extremely rare thing: I even dreamt– shortly ant it was full of lights. I was on stage in Timisoara and I played Haydn’s Double Concerto. I went with the flow on the wings of this magnificent music, out of time. I was beyond my disabilities and my viola never rang so well.


This is an extract from the translation in English of the book «Death will wait» written by Michel Hilger and Gilbert Bordes. For further information about the book, consult this page.
The translation of the book has been completed with the work of Audrey Rameau. The English version is not yet available for sale, waiting for the authorization of the publisher.
If you are an English reader that is eager to discover the book, please email us a message to share your interest. Thanks in advance for your involvment.