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§5: By a Very Cold Weather

By a very cold weather
Once upon a time
Dreamy but sincere
Strong-minded and proud
Eric or Michel.

Betrayed like a king
Used by months
Tonsillis and prosthesis
My first idea
Of salt and honey
Moon in my sky.

A man in dire starits
An heavy mind with dread
Thunder and lightning
Higgledy-piggledy colors
Endless sun.

I’m talking about me
A man of faith
Freedom first
Like a river
Yes my essential
It’s the Pluralist Art.

I needed to work. I had so much to do in this end of spring. My summer festivals were about to begin. I had to teach again in the Academy of Arts and did everything which fulfilled my daily life. I liked to take care of my closest ones and people who always trusted me. Every spent minute is a lost minute for me. I was not an inactive man . During my childhood, my parents so often repeated me that doing nothing was like stealing time from Good Lord!
Calypso could not come into the room and but scratched at the door and yapped. She understood I was ill and surely thought her place was next to me.  Despite everything against me, I moved and tumbled again. This time, it was on the bed, which lessened the consequences. For a long time, I stayed with my face looking at the ceiling. I was crying. Here I was: the proud, skillful musician able to lead without music sheets, to play the organ if I had to or a large part of the repertory of the viola. Did I take so many contest, exams, papers and survive threats of my childhood to come to that? To resign myself not to move and fear I rolled like a bale?

§5: By a Very Cold Weather

This is an extract from the translation in English of the book «Death will wait» written by Michel Hilger and Gilbert Bordes. For further information about the book, consult this page.
The translation of the book has been completed with the work of Audrey Rameau. The English version is not yet available for sale, waiting for the authorization of the publisher.
If you are an English reader that is eager to discover the book, please email us a message to share your interest. Thanks in advance for your involvment.