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Walking through the twists and twins of life,
Bluntly but with resistance.
Wrapping up well with the coat of courage,
Is necessary like all these angers,
Questionings and good promises,
Your Beatitude, my prayers and the Masses,
Taking pleasure in the perfume of your Hopes
To now you and I the taste of victories.

Since I arrived in the ER, the white coats had been talking by my side and taken no precaution. I heard everything.

I found about my second stroke I’ve just had and my cerebral bleeding causing a hemiplegia. I didn’t know what they meant exactly. The neurologist didn’t know my case: he found out on the MRI. It wasn’t my first stroke. My sudden tiredness in Angoulême was already a stroke!

My blood pressure had always been particularly high since my teenage years. It has made my veins thicker ad some of my arteries have become more fragile over the years at different places. Doctors found new white patches in my brain and my kidneys and some in-progress aneurysms which had to be cured. Actually, I was living in fatal danger for years!

In the MRI machine scanning my brain, like in a sarcophage, I could not still talk. But I did know my prayers had been heard. I had the impression to be lucid. My brain couldn’t communicate with the outside world but was totally clear. It was so close to death – according to the inventory of the neurologists – and it brought me to my first 3 years of life and to mysteries surrounded them.


This is an extract from the translation in English of the book «Death will wait» written by Michel Hilger and Gilbert Bordes. For further information about the book, consult this page.
The translation of the book has been completed with the work of Audrey Rameau. The English version is not yet available for sale, waiting for the authorization of the publisher.
If you are an English reader that is eager to discover the book, please email us a message to share your interest. Thanks in advance for your involvment.