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All my Life and Everlasting

In 2012, I kept on practicing, working on my daily habits and rehabilitating with my viola. I had to study Michael Haydn’s concerto. During the next summer, I participated to the “Nuits Romanes” as I had never had a stroke. I gave several concerts with the “Frech-Polish Quintet” among others. I noticed chamber music stimulated me and I practically found my old reactions, even if I still didn’t feel my arm and all my right side.

Since I had been created, my life has been a fight and now, everydayI have to fight with all my weapons against the insensibility of a part of my body. I force myself a severe self-discipline. Each morning, I have to wake up my muscles and my feelings with Alice’s instruments of torture. Then, I work on my music for two hours. Finally, I can only go back to my life of musician, business owner and skillful artist.

In the 2012 autumn, I flew to Timisoara!Florence drove me to the airport. It was the first time I was leaving home the house for so a long trip by plane after my stroke. I had planned everything but I feared it didn’t go well as I predicted because of the diplomatic litigation between the French government and the Romanian leaders. The the-new Minister of the Interior just imposed them to repatriate thousands of “Romani people unwanted in France”. Lumping together “Romani” they hated and them “Romanians”. They had harmed the proudness of a whole nation. And I understood it but the festival was almost cancelled!

After I waited for seven never-ending hours at Roissy Airport, the plane left Paris. I arrived in Timisoara at eleven P.M.! A rehearsal was planne in the afternoon. I had to call for getting it cancelled. It started really badly!

The day after, I met the delightful Felician Rosca who spoke French very well. We both went to meet the local authorities which were still very angry at the French government. I explained to them it will be very a shame a festival to be cancelled because of a difference of political opinion. Music had to be above the national splits. After talking a long time, everything got better.

On the spot, only five days were planned to rehearse with the orchestra which had never played either the concerto, or with me. It was short but possible with good musicians who welcomed me warmly. After I talked with them – flowing Felician’s advice – they expressed their joy to work with someone representing France. Between two rehearsals, my new friends made me visit their nice town and find out their cooking and handmade specialties. I was present at beautiful, orthodox and Catholic Masses, bought magnificent icons and numerous souvenirs. I was extremely spoiled by the musicians, the conductor and of course, the Professor Felician Rosca, famous organist and director of the “National Faculty of Music” of Timisoara.

I didn’t tell a word to anyone about my sickness. I discreetly kept on rehabilitating at the hotel and I played the organ before every rehearsal. It helped me to withstand in a quite amazing way for the whole necessary rehearsals without lowering my level under the supervision of the distinguished conductor and composer Alexander Graur who was impressed by… my very beautiful sound as a violinist! If he knew the truth!

During the inaugural concert, I had the idea to place me just next to the bench of the pretty impressive organ, behind the music stand of the four violanists of the national orchestra of Romania. So I could sit discreetly and only be standing for the soloists and the rhythms. And nobody noticed it.

It was a big success, it was recorded and broadcast live in television in the whole country. At the end of the concert, there was a beautiful ceremony with journalist, several national and local elected members, the Mayor of the town, the diplomats of France and Romania – apparently reconciled thanks to Michael Haydn’s sublime concerto. What a victory for me! Hallelujah!