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§2: Between Heaven and the Bright Blue Sea

Infinitely shared between Heaven and Earth
Like the skyline, undisclosed
I’m looking for you, sense of my fat
Knowing, yet, I’m meant to be your Feast.

Swinging between sad feelings,
My soul would rather pink than black
Captivated by a chiaroscuro contrast;
From this storm will spread a pure air.

Even in windy days like a sparrowhawk,
I’m invited to your heavenly banquet,
Trusted by the Tuaregs of the desert
I’m drifting with Your Stream, the airs.

Despite the mists which hide my road so much,
The beams of Your sun will burn my doubts.

I was right finally. Once again, I was stubborn and everything went well. I didn’t rest as I was told by the doctor yesterday. What happened in Angoulême was only a bad dream. I even so learnt some things. At the end of the week, I went to my doctor’s in Ormesson. He decided me to consult a cardiologist. My blood pressure was too high and my new drugs were not effective. Dizziness and blurry seesight were back. I got pins and needles black in my arms and legs. I was used to them since my childhood.

I felt a heavy threat, a kind of pressure which didn’t go away, as if all my body worked under duress, as if each part of it was using so quickly. I was often wondering myself if it was linked to the accident I had in November 1997. Totally unexplained and maybe the same I had on stage yesterday. I was driving out of the parking lot with my white Citroen when I embedded the car in a huge light post. The shock was so violent – so I was driving too fast, which I never did – my 2 incisors broke when they went through my higher lip.

After I was brought to the emergency of the Saint Camille Hospital in Bry sur Marne by the firefighters, the emergency doctor stitched me with no anesthesic for the scars, being the less noticeable. He thought the accident happened because I had lost consciousness. He recommended me to do some more extensive medical examinations.

§2: Between Heaven and the Bright Blue Sea

This is an extract from the translation in English of the book «Death will wait» written by Michel Hilger and Gilbert Bordes. For further information about the book, consult this page.
The translation of the book has been completed with the work of Audrey Rameau. The English version is not yet available for sale, waiting for the authorization of the publisher.
If you are an English reader that is eager to discover the book, please email us a message to share your interest. Thanks in advance for your involvment.