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I cannot wait for writing now
Which is deeply
I tell it hardly
The good reason to live
The one which still inspires me
And which is my elixir
My beautiful soft dove
You, my all-blond wife.

Even in the middle of a violin class
I think about her, her name.
When I play the viola,
I dream about our duet
Which no doubt about that is
A sign of eternity,
Like our eternal God
He will be perpetual.

Like a brilliant concerto
He will be a crescendo
A subtle melody
Played by an agile hand
By the greatest virtuoso
A lovely metamorphosis
Of two reunited souls
Up to the end of the infinite.

For two days, I multiplied the round trips to the hut at the bottom of the garden. I walked tirelessly and focused all my attention on my motionless foot and my leg which had to obey. I realized my progress. Of course, I didn’t jog but my steps were surer. I stumbled a little but mostly, I didn’t fall again.


This is an extract from the translation in English of the book «Death will wait» written by Michel Hilger and Gilbert Bordes. For further information about the book, consult this page.
The translation of the book has been completed with the work of Audrey Rameau. The English version is not yet available for sale, waiting for the authorization of the publisher.
If you are an English reader that is eager to discover the book, please email us a message to share your interest. Thanks in advance for your involvment.