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Resume of Michel Hilger

Michel Hilger

Between music and other expression forms in arts, Michel has found out likeness since his earliest age and his creative imagination is overflowing. Born in 1966, he got a lot of of First Prizes further to his high studies in music in Paris (viola, chamber music, writing, musicology, orchestra conductor), in fine arts and then, at the university in the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes de Paris.

The atypical artist passed when he was 18, the selective entrance exam in order to become a violinist in the orchestra of the Garde Republicaine. He was firstly named as a viola teacher in the National Conservatory of the Metz Region, and then, in the Parisian Region. At that moment, his career began and from now on, he has never stopped playing regularly into famous musical ensembles like the Pas de Loup Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Marais, the Polyphanie Ensemble and the lyrical Orchestra of Paris. He has taken part in numerous concerts, festivals, recordings or contemporary creations within the scope of the Superior National Conservatory of Music of Paris, the Ecole Polytechnique for Radio France, with Pierre Boulez’s IRCAM (a French institute about Music and Acoustics), with the 2E2M ensemble but also Roger Boutry, Michel Legrand, Pierre Estève, Jean Sichler’s musics, only to quote them.

However as a musician, the “calling violist” – as his master Bruno Pasquier liked to name him – always chooses chamber music, especially where he can particularly make hear the voice of “his dear accomplice” during the numerous concerts, in France as well abroad. He was still committed to his commitments as a teacher and a choirmaster. The atypical artist develops his career as a painter and often exhibits (Salon des Indépendants, Salon d'art sacré de Paris, Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux Arts…). Michel is married, and with his wife, Florence, they have four boys. His life looks like a Theme and Variations based on the Praise of Faith despite the present troubles.

Nowadays, he is still a violist and founded the Quintet of France (wire and piano) and the French-Polish wire Quintet. He is also a teacher of drawing, sculpting and painting in the Academy of Arts in Thiais (for more than 25 years), permanent choirmaster and artistic director of musical festivals. He is a composer, an arranger and a poet. He won several international prizes in the three artistic disciplines he is a specialist. For instance, the Poetry Grand Prix International of the city of Avignon, golden medal with the highest honours of the grand concours de composition of the International Academy of Lutèce or the medal “grand or” of the Société Francaise d'encouragement l'Élite.

He investigates the “noble alliance” which links music, poetry and painting. Michel Hilger broaches his professional artistic activities in a romantic, passionate, colorful way. So we can gaze at his more auditive than retinal paintings, read his texts and listen to him poeticizing with his viola, his piano or with his musician or chorister friends. “When I’m painting, I’m hearing music and when I’m playing, compose or improvise, I’m seeing colors.”, he explains to us.

As the music, colors or words resonate according to the variations, forte till pianissimo rhythms, staccato, legato and Michel Hilger is still looking for making the best of the shading in order to bring the elevation of the soul and a feeling of comfort and unifying benevolence. The artist, rated at the Mayer Guide as a painter, has received the medal of the town of Paris for all his activities and his artistic productions.